Kripalu Yoga Dance Testimonials

Sierra from Wilton
"Yoga Dance with Nome is a combination of creative and playful movement, great music, and total acceptance and gratitude. With Nome's guidance, I can feel comfortable in my body, honoring where I am at all times. It's a fun, exhilarating workout where the time just flies by...."

Liz from Mason
"Nome Graham's yoga dance is so joyful and relaxing. Nome creates wonderful sequences of movement and music to inspire us. I love the way she varies the pace from energetic rhythms to gentle meditation. Nome's yoga dance lifts up spirits, stretches bodies and minds, all to a fantastic variety of inspiring music!"

Rachael from Cornish
"I look forward all week to yoga dance class and can feel the difference when I've missed it. Nome guides us in freestyle dance play that awakens our sense of interconnectedness and inner strength. By the time we are doing the ending meditation, I am filled with insight and a renewed sense of empowerment and love for self and others. This heightened awareness resonates throughout the week. Nome herself overflows with energy, warmth, and love for all who cross her path."

Nora from Jaffrey
"It's amazing how the pure fun of yoga dance seems to bring out the absolute best in me. During practice, I am filled with such clarity, such electric energy, and a complete understanding of the goodness and the beauty of the world. The energy channeled from the group throughout practice simultaneously brings an intense feeling of unity while also empowering the unique self. All this, while having so much fun! My inner eight year old has been released!"

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