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Why Yoga?
Humans have been practicing yoga for millenia and it has developed into many different approaches during that time. Cultures around the world have used the principles of yoga to develop systems to support physical, mental, and spiritual health.
Modern Western medical studies have found that the focused stretching and conscious use of held poses can release the lactic acid that builds up in the muscles and causes stiffness, tension and pain. In addition, the physical aspect of yoga stretches not just the muscle structures, but also the connective tissue (ligaments and tendons), and the fascia that encases both muscles and organs. The body awareness that practioners of yoga cultivate can also speed recovery after medical treatment.
Deep and full breathing is a crucial component to yoga and can increase lung capacity. Complete (rather than smaller, faster) breath length aids relaxation which reduces stress, and has shown to increase the hormone oxytocin which creates a feeling of contentment and connection with others.
Nome is certified in both Thai Yoga Massage and Kripalu Yoga Dance which offer all the benefits of a yogic practice, in two distinct forms. Thai Yoga Massage allows the reciever to experience a whole yoga practice without moving a muscle. Kripalu Yoga Dance invites participants to gain all the benefits of yoga in the format of a dance party. You choose the approach that best matches your needs!

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