Thai Testimonials

Lara L.

"That felt like more than a massage, I feel like it's medicine."

Annette D.

"I have had several Thai massages as well as a range of other body work and Nome was amazing. She was calm, yet confident. She communicated better than anyone that I have ever received treatment from, checking to make sure that pressure was good or needed to be adjusted in either direction. She did not wait for me to speak, which was good because sometimes it is not always easy to take one's own tempertature, but her prompts helped and as she kept up her prompts in a smooth calm way that did not interupt the flow of work, I became more communicative. Nome also has a very beautiful voice. Perfect for the work. Nome was also very much present in the work, stopping to tend to a cramped toe and not feeling rushed to move away until it was relaxed. I felt intense relaxation during a busy week in my life (one of the busiest) and the feeling lasted for several days. I was also more aware of my posture. Nome was superb!!! She is a gem and I am glad that she has landed in Gloucester."

Jeanne C.

"I had the pleasure of working with Nome Graham when she participated in my Traditional Thai Massage Level 1 certification course in July 2010. I was immediately impressed with Nome's instant connection to and natural ability for Thai Massage. Nome has a natural touch, an amazing sense of presence, and always works with sincere compassion. This was apparent to me not only by observing her work, but also because she has demonstrated a desire to go "above and beyond" to help her clients. Throughout the last year she had contacted me several times to get input as to how to better treat specific issues her individual clients presented with. She has been very committed and dedicated to Thai massage and has shown great eagerness to learn more. I was most impressed when Nome gave me a full body 90 minute Thai massage treatment so I could offer her comprehensive feedback so that she could finetune her work. The treatment was fantastic! It was better than any of the Thai massages I received in Thailand and her skills were at the same caliber as many who have been practicing for years. I look forward to working more with Nome and I highly recommend her. She would be an extremely valuable asset to any healing arts organization."

Sage W.

"I received 3 to 4 Thai Body Massage sessions from Nome in the last year and I can confidently say I highly recommend her. Everything from the space she creates to her thoughtful, gentle presence while working created an atmosphere for a wonderful bodywork session. Her bodywork sessions enabled me to relax deeply and stretch supporting my recovery from a back injury. Her knowledge and experience with this modality ensured a top quality experience and her future clients will be blessed by her work."

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