Current Educational Opportunities

Private Sewing Instruction and Fashion Design Course
Create one of a kind wearable art and cultivate a life long skill through private, or small group, instruction. Sessions can vary from a one day make your own fashion piece workshop, to an eight week fabric dyeing and fashion design course.

Fiber Kids
Shibori Dyeing
An ancient Japanese "tie-dye" technique using stitching or clamping to create elaborate or geometric designs.
Altered Clothing
Using a favorite item of apparel or a collection of cast-offs, you can transform an old dog into something frisky.
Handmade Felted Jewelry
The natural fibers of sheep, goat, or rabbit fur can be felted to make colorful and lightweight jewelry pieces.
Silk Scarf Sun Painting/Wintergreen Transfers
Silk is a superb surface for detailed fiber work, including Solar Painting, which uses resist techniques to create otherworldly silhouettes, or wintergreen oil transfers, which have the capability to reproduce photographs.

Simple Silk Screen Techniques
This is a 100% NON TOXIC approach to making infinitely repeatable imagery on fabric. Using materials that are easily found and a process that is safe to do at your kitchen table you can create custom fabric for specific projects, or produce your own line of T-shirts. The technique can be learned in a day and yet after years I am still learning new applications.

Interested in reserving a time for yourself or a group?
Please contact Nome Graham email to Nome Graham
All processes can be enjoyed by students ages 7 to 107. Class cost is based on number of participants and materials used.

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