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This energetic and fun loving practice is designed to encourage personal reflection and growth as well as cultivating a great relationship with the body and breath. Dubbed "a yogic dance party" Kripalu Yoga Dance will have you laughing, sweating, and surprising yourself. Are you ready to heat up your practice and throw the rules out the window? Kripalu Yoga Dance is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. Youth between 8-14 are welcome with an adult. Nome Graham is certified and has been teaching KYD since 2008.

Tuesdays April 24-May 15 at the Rockport Community House 6-7pm $8/class. Please bring your own mat.

Wednesdays April 18th-May 30th at Yoga for Health, 114 Main St, Gloucester 6-7:15pm.
6 week session is $60 All tools are provided, just bring yourself!

Free Class on April 18th at Yoga for Health! Come test out your joy!
10am to 11am on the 3rd Friday of each month April 20th, May 18th, June 15th, and July 20th.
Let Your Yoga Dance for Seniors This one hour practice is a celebration of what our bodies, minds, and spirits can experience. All movement is supported by a chair, and all ages and abilities are welcome to join this joyous form of yoga. Music is chosen to inspire and encourage connection within the community. Let Your Yoga Dance for Seniors has be called "an express route to Joy" and has provided individuals with increased mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Please visit the official Let Your Yoga Dance Website for even more information.
Cost is by donation.
It's all happening at the Rose Baker Senior Center, in Gloucester, MA.
Let your Yoga Dance for Seniors
Thursdays 2:30 pm to 3:45pm
Letting Go Yoga for Teachers and Staff at O'Maley Middle School. This practice will encourage release and relief from the week's challenges of supporting a healthy acedemic community. Teachers really are the powerful inspiration for the whole next generation, and they need to fill their own wellspring of humor, compassion, and peace to keep doing it again for another week, year, lifetime. Each asana (class) will facilitate physical, emotional, and mental release through postures, movement, and plenty of relaxation. Please bring your own mat and water.
Cost is $5-$10 sliding scale.
It's all happening at the library at O'Maley.

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